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Our longtime experience as well as understanding of vast importance of keeping production processes in continuity, providing their reliability and keeping them free form failure led to the core basis for forming several service-mattered solutions that will provide you with peace and sense of security in this field.

Do you want to have an everyday efficiency monitoring of your technological lines for 24 hours a day?

Do you need a time-to-time inspection of installations, machines and systems?

Do you have no professional technical help, or wait too long for fixing failures?

If you have given at least one positive answer to the above questions, you should get acquainted with our offer of service.

We offer the following solutions:

CONSTANT SERVICE AGREEMENT - 24h service and conservation
  • implementation of minor repairs and alterations
  • regular analysis of the system condition
  • technical consulting
ASSIGMENT OF SERVICE WORKS - analysis of the system condition
  • conceptual designs of modernization
  • assignment of occasional changes or modifications
  • optimization of the existing applications
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - technical consultations
  • possibility of an immediate reaction
  • remote techical support

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