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Industrial IT systems

Industrial IT

This term keeps solely dedicated software which is created by us for your comfort and the vision of the efficiently ran company. Such software will allow to support and integrate, with the use of computers, all possible processes existing in your company.

It will be adopted to the character, specialization and the specific nature of your company. According to your needs, it can be integrated with the existing solutions. It can also be created from the grounds, thus influence a better and more effective management of the company and the processes within.

Here are some examples of the systems we can implement at your request:

  1. Management of human resources and company's finances.
  2. Management of electronic correspondence.
  3. Management of the company's storehouses.
  4. Management of the inventory of materials and means.
  5. Management of ordering processes, production processes and raw materials usage, planning the economy of purchase of raw materials, recording of the working time of employees.
  6. Registration of data concerning work and technical condition of machines and technical devices - acquiring data directly from these devices and additional sensors.
  7. Data processing: financial calculations, production quality control, technical control and supervision.
  8. Registration of video data concerning alarm systems and monitoring.

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